Source: American Community Garden Association

With today being the first day of Spring, it is perfect timing to think about starting a Community Garden. It is a wonderful way to bring together people with the same interest and set a new social setting within your community. A garden can help bring your property to life with beautiful, flourishing plants and flowers and don't forget trees. Gorgeous trees can be including into the community garden setting to provide delicious fruit and shade for a seating area. The garden can be used by the property to grow resources for their social events and to keep the office full of color. Here are 10 steps to starting a successful community garden:

1. Organize a meeting of interested people

2. Form a planning committee

3. Identify all your resources

4. Approach a sponsor

5. Choose a site

6. Prepare and develop the site

7. Organize the garden

8. Plan for children

9. Determine rules and put them in writing

10. Help members keep in touch with each other

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